Cospalmer (CSPL) / youth clothing online store.
Brand identity and web design for an international IT company that brings large-scale fintech products to global markets.
Blue moon
Blue Moon — a light snack even at night.
Working on a design for a range of cheeses, we wanted to emphasize a particular advantage — these cheeses make a perfect light snack, even at night.
Brand identity and web design for the presentation of photographer Leah Perry’s work.
Leah Perry
A small but favorite project for an interior design studio from Moscow called STUDIO16.
SO.tennis has four small tennis clubs in the center of Sydney. The clubs’ core concept is “simplicity,” which is reflected in the brand identity, website layout, and app design.
Okasi chocolate packaging design inspired by Japanese prints from the collection of the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin.
May the hot pepper enthusiasts rejoice! We developed a packaging design for Heinz’s hottest flavor which literally grows on the store shelf.
Heinz Chilli Sauce
Kaper goes beyond the usual travel. It’s a brand created for those who demand more from their daily routine and themselves.
Identity for Picker, a startup specializing in retail discounts.
The laconic and luscious packaging of Nanar appeals to one’s feelings rather than to the mind.
Health Herb® — award-winning, pharmacist-formulated CBD oil that comes from hemp grown on UK farms that use the highest standards of cultivation.
Health Herb
For online women's clothing store Lavue, a progressive style was developed that reflects the brand's mission to empower women to make bold, confident and unique fashion choices.
Electronic and printed editions' design of the poem collection by Sergei Sokolovsky' working in "melodeclamation" as "Pinatri".
A label design was developed for a Scotch whisky brand.
Explainer about Joy Sharing and a new investment opportunity.
joy sharing
We did graphics and animation for presentation video about the mobile app, which simplifies the work with cryptocurrencies.
bank 21
Branding for travel company specializing in vacations in the countries of the Indian Ocean - Maldives, UAE, Seychelles, Mauritius.
Website for wellness-platform that will help you take care of yourself.
Branding of author's tableware inspired by the nature of a woman.
Branding for a gender-neutral beauty salon.
white paper