Blue moon
Blue Moon — a light snack, even at night.

Working on the design of the range of cheeses, we wanted to emphasize a particular product edge. Due to their ingredients, Blue Moon cheeses are perfect for a quick evening snack, free from the effects on your figure or diet.

The main element of the design was the crescent as a time symbol and, at the same time, a recognizable visual reference image.A consumer can easily grasp the idea, whatever the form factor of the packaging.

The yellow color and craters of the celestial object have long been an amusing metaphor for cheese in popular culture. Following up on the idea of the crescent, we chose a deep night blue coloring. In addition to the symbolic meaning of dusk, it creates a simple, concise background on which the signature element — the crescent, like a slice of cheese — stands out clearly, easy to recognize.
David Hovhannisyan