Heinz Chilli Sauce
Burn in flames, spicy food lovers!

The legendary Heniz company has been “growing, not just making” world-renowned ketchups and sauces for over 150 years. Creating high-quality products with a wide range of flavors which meet the growing needs of target audiences is one of the brands core values. With Heinz sauces everyone can feel like a chef in their own kitchen!

What are customers looking for? New, surprising and original tastes for their specialty dishes, and our target audience is exceptional — they love spicy flavors and are constantly searching for the best hot chili in sauces.

What we’ve done. May the hot pepper enthusiasts rejoice! We developed a packaging design for Heinz’s hottest flavor which literally grows on the store shelf. You just need to pluck it out and add to your dishes for a spicy sensation!

What is the result? With the help of a simple solution, we’ve created a pepper-shaped package whilst saving brand recognition. The design stands out among the wide range of Heinz products due to its shape, which allows the narrow target audience to find their hot sauce in a wink.

The result is a product, made in Heinz best traditions, but with a sizzling idea!
David Hovhannisyan