Author's tableware inspired by the nature of a woman. Incredibly tactile, beautiful in its own way, the soul and skill of the creator are invested in every detail. Ceramic tiles are resistant to high temperatures and can be used in a microwave oven. The color of the dishes remains unchanged after prolonged use, so it will last for many years and will look like new. The dishes are molded and glazed by hand, may have minor deviations in color shades and glaze sizes. The color of the product in the photo may differ slightly from the color in reality. Femmina means woman in translation, which is why the logo has rounded shapes. In the corporate style of the ceramics studio, you can notice waves made by embossing on paper, they imitate traces on dishes when modeling. The main message of the project was the phrase: a woman gives life, fills this world with beauty and harmony, gives her care and love, inspires feats, she is a source of kindness and compassion, she is simple and incomprehensible. Thus, when modeling dishes, a person creates as if God were re-creating a woman.
Tatyana Kirichenko, Elmira Rasulova