A clothing collection launched on the 60th anniversary of the first human space flight. The collection is focused on the history of Soviet cosmonautics and highlights the main events of the space exploration era.

Soviet mosaics were used as a metaphor for the collection’s style — a reference to the Soviet era. Every piece of clothing is inspired by a key event in the space era. For example, there is an image of Yuri Gagarin on the flagship product, with his headpiece becoming a sort of halo around the head. The socks feature the star pair Belka and Strelka, for they cannot exist separately. The T-shirt refers to the docking of Apollo and the Union; it is made of two parts of different fabrics, symbolizing the docking and the unity between the two countries. The hoodie is a tribute to Leonov and is a reference to his white suit with orange stripes, which he wore when he went into outer space. The color of the collection is white, as the cosmonauts’ clothes are mostly light shades so that they can be seen against the pitch black of space. This is how our Earthmen team shows and tells the key heroes of that time, and its visual style refers back to the Soviet era of space exploration.
Jane Kudrinskaya