Cosmodrome Games
Cosmodrome Games belongs to the top 3 of the leading board game producers in Russia. First of all, the company is known for such unrivalled board games as “Imaginarium” and “500 Angry Cards”. Their slogans are “Launching awesome board games right to the stars” and “Surpassing expectation”. Cosmodrome Games consider quality and attention to details as the strongest aspects of their products. Board game fans are supposed to be full of agitation and delight every time while opening the box.

The peculiarity of visual concept aimed at promoting this wow-effect is the main priority. The design solution lies in using the name of a world known signal from outer space, registered on August 15, 1977 as “Wow!”. Taking into account the fact that Cosmodrome Games mostly supply their products to people of the age 20-35, the customer is going to avoid any associations with games for children emphasizing adult oriented conception.
Ivan Markov